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Kenyon Fences

Specialising in pickets, feature fencing, gates and automation 

Colourbond Fences

Standard Panel heights come in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m, which the option to add a sleeper base where the property isn't level.

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Colourbond Fence with:

- Monument colour

- 2.1m panels

- 900mm gate

Colourbond fence with:

- Meadow colour

- 1.5m panels

- sleeper base cut to match land variation

- 900mm wide gate

Colourbond Fence with:

- Terrace colour

- 1800mm panels

- stepped around corner

Paling Fence

- Standard 1950mm fence along driveway

- Most important aspect is getting the plinth board (base board) as one continuous line. This ensures the fence top doesn't rise and dip creating a waved look which is very ugly.

Acoustic Fence with:

- Massive 150x150mm cypress posts

- 2.5m tall

- 90x45mm rails

- 200x50mm sleeper base

- 150x25 palings butted together with 50x25mm paling covering joins